Our management services include:

Free Owner Consultations – There’s never any charge for our consultation, which will help you set ideal rents. We will evaluate your property, review your needs, explain all our services and fees, and answer all of your questions.

Extensive, Targeted Marketing – Utilizing all available media, we effectively market your property to attract qualified, reliable tenants. All marketing is carefully targeted. We post on numerous rental websites to maximize your exposure, and minimize vacancies.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening – We conduct thorough screenings of all tenants, including employment and salary confirmation, credit checks, criminal background checks, eviction checks, and more. Our discrepancy based screening process represents the most thorough screening in the industry. The result is reliable, long-term tenants and reduced vacancy rates.

Security Deposit Accounting – We handle all issues of managing security deposits for your property, assuring that all laws are followed and you are protected.

Transition Services – Our Property Management Company takes care of checklists and inspections for both move-in and move-out of tenants, relieving you of this tedious task.

Rent Collection & Disbursement – In most cases, rents are paid directly to owner via check or ACH / EFT transactions.  We can also setup Tenant Cloud for other services.

Maintenance Management – We coordinate any maintenance issues and work to secure multiple bids on any repair of significant cost.

Regular Communications – At our rental home management service company, the lines of communication are always open. Beyond our quarterly statements, you can contact us any time with questions, and we’ll contact you any time your input is required.

Affordable Services – Our management fees are highly competitive in the local market. Our goal is to provide quality, affordable services to clients while minimizing your cost.

Our Fees – no hidden costs:

New Lease Fee: Finding a new tenant requires us to pay not only for marketing and tenant screening but also any broker involved with bringing a tenant via MLS needs to be property paid as well.  We charge one month’s rental income to find a new tenant.

Monthly Management Fee: The Monthly Management fee is applied to cover the day-to-day tenant management services to keep your tenancy compliant and in good shape. Good customer service to the tenant actually helps you preserve some of the longest average tenancies in the country – maximizing your cash flow, and ensuring that your tenant complies with all of the provisions of the lease agreement.  This fee ranges from 6% up to 9% and will be fixed at the time of the agreement.  Percentage varies depending on location of property and if you are a Realtor client.

Maintenance Service Calls: We do not charge for setting up maintenance as many other companies do.  We can arrange the contractor to meet the tenant.  If we do have to be at the home though there is a $75 trip fee.

Lease renewals:  We charge a $250 fee to facilitate a renewal of an existing lease agreement. This helps you encourage longer term tenancy, and also stay on the latest version of our lease agreement. We can also negotiate a rent increase when warranted on your behalf.

Reliable, Quality Property Management Services in Austin

Our never-ending goal is to provide a level of service to our property owners and their tenants that is second to none. We want to eliminate the complications of rental property ownership and make the landlord / tenant relationships go as smooth and mutually successful as possible. Our service is very affordable and we have some of the lowest management fees in the city. We do our best to maximize your profits while lowering your cost. Top-quality service to our clients is our highest priority at all time.


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