Welcome to your Real Estate Adviser website. 

First, let me tell you a little bit about me.  I grew up in Houston, Texas.  I attended the University of Texas and graduated with a Business Degree in Marketing.  I then went out to Southern California where I worked for a few years before receiving an MBA in Consumer Marketing from Pepperdine University.  I continued to work in Southern California from Malibu to San Diego for the next 17 years.  I also headed the Orange County Texas Exes Alumni group.  I had a real estate license out there and I have owned income property in Long Beach, CA for over 12 years now. 

5 years ago, my wife said she was getting tired of Los Angeles.  I said I know a cool city in Texas and so I am back in Austin with my wife and 2 dogs.  My wife has a finance degree, a law degree, and a PhD in Public Policy.  She currently is a senior policy analyst for Children’s Protective Services.  She loves to help disadvantaged children.  I do my part serving as a Big Brother volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. 

I have had a passion for real estate all my life.  Since returning to Texas, I am a founding partner of Worldwide Texas Ventures that looks for prime investment property here in Texas and throughout the country.  97% of millionaires in the US did it through real estate.  It is time we got you on that path.

 My grandfather use to say, “The more you give, the more you get”.  I have seen that to be the case time and time again, and that is why I am here to help you.  You can see why I am also with one of the top real estate companies in Texas, JB Goodwin Realtors. JB Goodwin’s mission is simply “To Help People”.  A perfect fit for me.  

Whether you are looking to sell, buy, invest, or just rent, I would love to “Help You” achieve your dreams.

Your Real Estate Advisor – Dan Burstain